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A new kind of chat application with a built in passive personal assistant. Ask a friend if they’re busy, and the assistant on their device will check their calendar and respond automatically.

Ask how far away they are, and the assistant will check the users location and automatically respond.

Personal project to be released soon.

Grocery Cop

Want to save money on your groceries?

See all the current products, and compare their prices between Australia’s two biggest supermarkets, Coles and Woolworths.

Verby Nouns

Mobile games with Verby Noun titles are all the craze, this app lets you create your own Verby Noun game titles.

App Store


Predict the outcome of races based on a horses’ past performance, compare bookmaker prices, sell your tips, and chat with other punters.

Australia only. App Store

Best Odds

Compare bookmaker odds and prices for a large variety of sporting events.

Australia Only. App Store

Task Sorter

Features planning poker cards, and includes a simple algorithm for sorting tasks based on their sizes.

All you need to do is answer a simple question: “Which task requires more effort?”

App Store

Guitar Trainer

Practice your chords, sight-reading, strumming, and playing to a metronome all at the same time. App Store Now on TV

Music Resources

Huge collection of music worksheets, diagrams and charts for music teachers and students. App Store

Trash Talker

Pick a character, cover your mouth with your device, and start talking! The character’s mouth animations change depending on how loud you speak. App Store



This app is just like the card game “Snap!”, except with a Trash Pack theme. App Store

Mystery of the Lost Red Scarf

Interactive storybook for children. It features facts for all ages, and alternate endings. Created with beautiful watercolour artwork. App Store